Graco Inc.

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SEC Filings

GRACO INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/21/2017
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U.S. Economic Sanctions Laws” shall mean those laws, executive orders, enabling legislation or regulations administered and enforced by the United States pursuant to which economic sanctions have been imposed on any Person, entity, organization, country or regime, including the Trading with the Enemy Act, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, the Iran Sanctions Act, the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act and any other OFAC Sanctions Program.
1.9.    The following definitions are deleted from paragraph 10B of the Note Agreement:
“Anti-Terrorism Order”
“Finishing Group Acquisition”
“Finishing Group Purchase Agreement”
“FTC Orders”
“Hold Separate Business”
“Hold Separate Order”
“Hold Separate Period”
“Hold Separate Subsidiary”
“Second Amendment Effective Date”
1.10.    Paragraph 11F of the Note Agreement is hereby amended to add the following new paragraph at the end thereof:
In the event that as a condition to receiving access to information relating to the Company or its Subsidiaries in connection with the transactions contemplated by or otherwise pursuant to this Agreement, any Purchaser or holder of a Note is required to agree to a confidentiality undertaking (whether through IntraLinks, another secure website, a secure virtual workspace or otherwise) which is different from this paragraph 11F, this paragraph 11F shall not be amended thereby and, as between such Purchaser or such holder and the Company, this paragraph 11F shall supersede any such other confidentiality undertaking.
1.11.    Schedules 6I and 8A(1) to the Note Agreement are replaced by Schedules 6I and 8A(1) attached to this letter agreement.
SECTION 2.    Effectiveness. The amendments in Section 1 of this letter agreement shall become effective on the date (the “Effective Date”) that each of the following conditions has been satisfied:
2.1.    Documents. Each holder of a Note shall have received original counterparts of this letter agreement executed by the holders of the Notes, the Company and each Guarantor.


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