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SEC Filings

GRACO INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/21/2017
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be adversely affected. An economic downturn may affect our ability to satisfy the financial covenants in the terms of our financing arrangements.

Currency - Changes in currency translation rates could adversely impact our revenue and earnings.

Changes in exchange rates will impact our reported sales and earnings. A majority of our manufacturing and cost structure is based in the United States. In addition, decreased value of local currency may make it difficult for some of our distributors and end users to purchase products.

Changes in Laws and Regulations - Changes may impact how we can do business and the cost of doing business around the world.

The speed and frequency of implementation and the complexity of new or revised laws and regulations globally appear to be increasing. In addition, as our business grows and/or geographically expands, we may become subject to laws and regulations previously inapplicable to our business. These laws and regulations increase our cost of doing business, may affect the manner in which our products will be produced or delivered and may impact our long-term ability to provide returns to our shareholders.

Anti-Corruption and Trade Laws - We may incur costs and suffer damages if our employees, agents, distributors or suppliers violate anti-bribery, anti-corruption or trade laws and regulations.

Laws and regulations related to bribery, corruption and trade, and enforcement thereof, are increasing in frequency, complexity and severity on a global basis. The continued geographic expansion of our business increases our exposure to, and cost of complying with, these laws and regulations. If our internal controls and compliance program do not adequately prevent or deter our employees, agents, distributors, suppliers and other third parties with whom we do business from violating anti-corruption laws, we may incur defense costs, fines, penalties, reputational damage and business disruptions.

Intellectual Property - Demand for our products may be affected by new entrants who copy our products and/or infringe on our intellectual property. Competitors may allege that our products infringe the intellectual property of others.

From time to time, we have been faced with instances where competitors have infringed or unfairly used our intellectual property and/or taken advantage of our design and development efforts. The ability to protect and enforce intellectual property rights varies across jurisdictions. Competitors who copy our products are becoming more prevalent in Asia. If we are unable to effectively meet these challenges, they could adversely affect our revenues and profits and hamper our ability to grow. Competitors and others may also initiate litigation to challenge the validity of our intellectual property or allege that we infringe their intellectual property. We may be required to pay substantial damages if it is determined our products infringe their intellectual property. We may also be required to develop an alternative, non-infringing product that could be costly and time-consuming, or acquire a license (if available) on terms that are not favorable to us. Regardless of whether infringement claims against us are successful, defending against such claims could significantly increase our costs, divert management’s time and attention away from other business matters, and otherwise adversely affect our results of operations and financial condition.

Foreign Operations - Conducting business internationally exposes our Company to risks that could harm our business.

In 2016, approximately 48 percent of our sales were generated by customers located outside the United States. We are increasing our presence in advancing economies. Operating and selling outside of the United States exposes us to certain risks that could adversely impact our sales volume, rate of growth or profitability. These risks include: complying with foreign legal and regulatory requirements; international trade factors (export controls, trade sanctions, duties, tariff barriers and other restrictions); protection of our proprietary technology in certain countries; potentially burdensome taxes; potential difficulties staffing and managing local operations; and changes in exchange rates.

Competition - Our success depends upon our ability to develop, market and sell new products that meet our customers’ needs, and anticipate industry changes.

Our profitability will be affected if we do not develop new products and technologies that meet our customers’ needs. Our ability to develop, market and sell products that meet our customers’ needs depends upon a number of factors, including anticipating the features and products that our customers will need in the future, identifying and entering into new markets, and training our distributors. Changes in industries that we serve, including consolidation of competitors and customers, could affect our success. Price competition and competitor strategies could negatively impact our growth and have an adverse impact on our results of operations.


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