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SEC Filings

GRACO INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/21/2017
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Applied Fluid Technologies

The Applied Fluid Technologies division designs and sells equipment for use by industrial customers and specialty contractors. This equipment includes two-component proportioning systems that are used to spray polyurethane foam (spray foam) and polyurea coatings. Spray foam is commonly used for insulating building walls, roofs, water heaters, refrigerators, hot tubs and other items. Polyurea coatings are applied on storage tanks, pipes, roofs, truck beds, concrete and other items. We offer a complete line of pumps and proportioning equipment that sprays specialty coatings on a variety of surfaces for protection and fireproofing. This division also manufactures vapor-abrasive blasting equipment, as well as equipment that pumps, meters, mixes and dispenses sealant, adhesive and composite materials. Our advanced composite equipment includes gel coat equipment, chop and wet-out systems, resin transfer molding systems and applicators. This equipment bonds, molds, seals, vacuum encapsulates and laminates parts and devices in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Industrial Products

The Industrial Products division makes finishing equipment that applies paint and other coatings to products such as motor vehicles, appliances, furniture and other industrial and consumer products. A majority of this division’s business is outside of North America.

This division’s products include liquid finishing equipment that applies liquids on metals, wood and plastics. This equipment includes paint circulating and paint supply pumps, paint circulating advanced control systems, plural component coating proportioners, various accessories to filter, transport, agitate and regulate fluid, and spare parts such as spray tips, seals and filter screens. We also offer a variety of applicators that use different methods of atomizing and spraying the paint or other coatings depending on the viscosity of the fluid, the type of finish desired and the need to maximize transfer efficiency, minimize overspray and minimize the release of volatile organic compounds into the air. Manufacturers in the automotive, automotive feeder, commercial and recreational vehicle, military and utility vehicle, aerospace, farm, construction, wood and general metals industries use our liquid finishing products.

We make powder finishing products that coat powder finishing on metals. These products are sold under the Gema® trademark. Gema powder systems coat window frames, metallic furniture, automotive components and sheet metal. Primary end users of our powder finishing products include manufacturers in the construction, home appliance, automotive component and custom coater industries. We strive to provide innovative solutions in powder coating for end users in emerging and developed markets.

Process Segment

The Process segment represented approximately 20 percent of our total sales in 2016. It includes our Process, Oil and Natural Gas, and Lubrication divisions. The Process segment markets pumps, valves, meters and accessories to move and dispense chemicals, oil and natural gas, water, wastewater, petroleum, food, lubricants and other fluids. Markets served include food and beverage, dairy, oil and natural gas, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, semi-conductor, electronics, wastewater, mining, fast oil change facilities, service garages, fleet service centers, automobile dealerships and industrial lubrication applications.

Most Process segment equipment is sold worldwide through third party distributors and original equipment manufacturers. Some products are sold directly to end users, particularly in the oil and natural gas and semi-conductor industries.


Our Process division makes pumps of various technologies that move chemicals, water, wastewater, petroleum, food and other fluids. Manufacturers and processors in the food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, oil and natural gas, semi-conductor, electronics, wastewater, mining and ceramics industries use these pumps. This division makes environmental monitoring and remediation equipment that is used to conduct ground water sampling and ground water remediation, and for landfill liquid and gas management.

Oil and Natural Gas

Our Oil and Natural Gas division makes high pressure and ultra-high pressure valves used in the oil and natural gas industry, other industrial processes and research facilities. Our high and ultra-high pressure valves are sold directly to end-user customers as well as through distribution worldwide. The division also has a line of chemical injection pumping solutions for precise injection of chemicals into producing oil wells and pipelines and is sold through third party distributors.


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