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SEC Filings

GRACO INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/16/2016
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Item 1. Business

Graco Inc., together with its subsidiaries (“Graco,” “us,” “we,” or “our Company”), is a multi-national manufacturing company. We design, manufacture and market equipment used to pump, meter, mix and dispense fluid and powder materials. Our equipment is used in construction, automotive, mining, oil and natural gas, process, public works and other industries. Graco is a Minnesota corporation and was incorporated in 1926.

We specialize in providing equipment solutions for difficult-to-handle materials with high viscosities, abrasive or corrosive properties, and multiple component materials that require precise ratio control. We aim to serve niche markets, providing high customer value through product differentiation. Our products enable customers to reduce their use of labor, material and energy, improve quality and achieve environmental compliance.

We make significant investments in developing innovative, high quality products. We strive to grow into new geographic markets by strategically adding commercial resources and third party distribution in growing and emerging markets. We have grown our third party distribution to have specialized experience in particular end-user applications. We leverage our product technologies for new applications and industries.

We also make targeted acquisitions to broaden our product offering, enhance our capabilities in the end-user markets we serve and expand our manufacturing and distribution base. In 2015, we completed a number of acquisitions in the Industrial and Process segments and two acquisitions in early fiscal 2016. These acquisitions provided new products, such as an expanded high pressure valve line, ultra high purity diaphragm pumps and mortar pumps, as well as additional channel partners and manufacturing capabilities.

We have particularly strong manufacturing, engineering and customer service capabilities that enhance our ability to provide premium customer experience, produce high quality and reliable products and drive ongoing cost savings.

Our investment in new products, targeted acquisitions and strong manufacturing, engineering and customer service capabilities comprise our long-term growth strategies, which we coordinate and drive across our geographic regions. Values central to our identity - growth, product innovation, premium customer service, quality and continuous improvement - are leveraged to integrate and expand the capabilities of acquired businesses.

We classify our business into three reportable segments, each with a worldwide focus: Industrial, Contractor and Process. Financial information concerning these segments is set forth in Part II, Item 7, Results of Operations and Note B (Segment Information) to the Consolidated Financial Statements of this Form 10-K.

Beginning with the first quarter of 2015, we revised the presentation of our financial reporting segments. Operations of the Process and the Oil and Natural Gas divisions, historically included in the Industrial segment, are now aggregated with the Lubrication division (formerly reported as a separate segment) in the newly-formed Process segment. This change aligns the types of products and markets served within the segments. Prior year segment information has been restated to conform to 2015 reporting.

Each segment sells its products in North, Central and South America (the “Americas”), Europe, Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”), and Asia Pacific. Sales in the Americas represent approximately 59 percent of our Company’s total sales. Sales in EMEA represent approximately 23 percent. Sales in Asia Pacific represent approximately 18 percent. Part II, Item 7, Results of Operations and Note B (Segment Information) to the Consolidated Financial Statements of this Form 10-K contain financial information about these geographic markets. We provide marketing and product design in each of these geographic regions. Our Company also provides application assistance to distributors and employs sales personnel in each of these geographic regions.

For information about our Company and our products, services and solutions, visit our website at The information on the website is not part of this report nor any other report filed or furnished to the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).

Manufacturing and Distribution

We manufacture a majority of our products in the United States. We manufacture some of our products in Switzerland (Industrial segment), the United Kingdom (Process segment), the People’s Republic of China (“P.R.C.”) (all segments), Belgium (all segments), Romania (Industrial segment) and Brazil (Industrial segment). Our manufacturing is aligned with our business segments and is co-located with product development to accelerate technology improvements and improve our cost structure. We perform critical machining, assembly and testing in-house for most of our products to control quality, improve response time and maximize cost-


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