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SEC Filings

GRACO INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/16/2016
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Operating expenses were $25 million higher compared to 2014. Incremental expenses of acquired operations totaled $27 million, spending related to regional and product expansion initiatives increased expenses by approximately $4 million, and unallocated corporate expenses (mostly pension and stock compensation) increased $5 million. Currency translation rates reduced operating expenses by approximately $16 million.

Interest expense was $18 million in 2015, compared to $19 million in 2014.

Held separate investment income in 2015 included $150 million of pre-tax gain on the sale of Liquid Finishing business assets, net of transaction and other related expenses, and dividends of $42 million. Dividends received from Liquid Finishing totaled $28 million in 2014. No further Liquid Finishing business dividends will be received.

The effective tax rate for 2015 was 27 percent, down from 28 percent in 2014. A change in the Company's assertion with respect to reinvestment of foreign earnings decreased deferred income taxes related to undistributed foreign earnings by $7 million and reduced the effective tax rate for the year. Higher post-tax dividend income, favorable effects of lower tax rates on foreign earnings, and an additional non-recurring tax benefit of $2 million further reduced the effective tax rate for the year. Those reductions were partially offset by the tax rate effects of the gain on the sale of the Liquid Finishing business assets.

2014 Compared to 2013

Operating earnings as a percentage of sales were 25 percent in 2014, consistent with 2013. The impact of purchase accounting, acquisition and divestiture costs, and spending on regional and product expansion offset the improvement in operating expense leverage from higher sales.

Gross profit margin as a percentage of sales decreased approximately one-half percentage point from 2013. Acquisitions negatively impacted the margin rate in 2014, decreasing the rate by 0.2 percentage point for purchase accounting, and 0.3 percentage point for lower margins in the acquired businesses. The favorable effect of realized price increases and higher production volume offset the unfavorable effect of changes in product mix.

Operating expenses for 2014 increased $30 million. The increase included $15 million from acquired operations, $8 million from regional and product expansion initiatives and a $2 million increase in divestiture and acquisition costs. Product development spending increased $3 million (including approximately $1 million from acquired operations), representing 4 percent of sales, down slightly from 2013.

Interest expense was $19 million in 2014, compared to $18 million in 2013. Held separate investment income included dividends received from the Liquid Finishing businesses. These dividends totaled $28 million for the year, consistent with 2013.

The effective income tax rate was 28 percent in 2014, compared to 27 percent in 2013. The 2013 effective rate was lower primarily because it included two years of the federal R&D credit as the credit was reinstated in the first quarter of 2013 retroactive to the beginning of 2012.

Segment Results

Beginning with the first quarter of 2015, the Company revised the presentation of its financial reporting segments. Operations of the Process and the Oil and Natural Gas divisions, historically included in the Industrial segment, are now aggregated with the Lubrication division (formerly reported as a separate segment) in the newly-formed Process segment. This change aligns the types of products offered and markets served within the segments. Prior year segment information has been restated to conform to 2015 reporting.

A summary of the Company’s three reportable segments (Industrial, Process and Contractor) follows.

The Industrial segment includes our Industrial Products and Applied Fluid Technologies divisions. The Industrial segment markets equipment and pre-engineered packages for moving and applying paints, coatings, sealants, adhesives and other fluids. Markets served include automotive and vehicle assembly and components production, wood and metal products, rail, marine, aerospace, farm, construction, bus, recreational vehicles and various other industries.

The Process segment includes our Process, Oil and Natural Gas, and Lubrication divisions. The Process segment markets pumps, valves, meters and accessories to move and dispense chemicals, oil and natural gas, water, wastewater, petroleum, food, lubricants and other fluids. Markets served include food and beverage, dairy, oil and natural gas, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics, wastewater, mining, fast oil change facilities, service garages, fleet service centers, automobile dealerships and industrial lubrication applications.


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