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SEC Filings

GRACO INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/16/2016
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Item 7. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations

The following Management’s Discussion and Analysis reviews significant factors affecting the Company’s consolidated results of operations, financial condition and liquidity. This discussion should be read in conjunction with our financial statements and the accompanying notes to the financial statements. The discussion is organized in the following sections:
Results of Operations
Segment Results
Financial Condition and Cash Flow
Critical Accounting Estimates
Recent Accounting Pronouncements


Graco designs, manufactures and markets systems and equipment used to pump, meter, mix and dispense a wide variety of fluids and coatings. The Company specializes in equipment for applications that involve difficult-to-handle materials with high viscosities, materials with abrasive or corrosive properties and multiple-component materials that require precise ratio control. Graco sells primarily through independent third-party distributors worldwide to industrial and contractor end users. Approximately half of our sales were outside of the United States in 2015. Graco’s business is classified by management into three reportable segments, each responsible for product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of their products.

Graco’s key strategies include developing and marketing new products, leveraging products and technologies into additional, growing end-user markets, expanding distribution globally and completing strategic acquisitions that provide additional channel and technologies. Long-term financial growth targets accompany these strategies, including our expectation of 10 percent revenue growth and 12 percent consolidated net earnings growth. We continued to develop new products in each operating division that are expected to drive incremental sales growth, such as the development of chemical injection pumps used in oil and natural gas applications, as well as continued refresh and upgrades of existing product lines. Graco has made a number of strategic acquisitions that expand and complement organically developed products and new market and channel opportunities.

Manufacturing is a key competency of the Company. Our management team in Minneapolis provides strategic manufacturing expertise, and is also responsible for factories not fully aligned with a single division. We manufacture some of our products in Switzerland (Industrial segment), the United Kingdom (Process segment), the People’s Republic of China (“P.R.C.”) (all segments), Belgium (all segments), Romania (Industrial segment) and Brazil (Industrial segment). Our primary distribution facilities are located in the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, P.R.C., Japan, Korea and Australia.


In April 2012, the Company purchased the finishing businesses of Illinois Tool Works Inc. The acquisition included finishing equipment operations, technologies and brands of the Powder Finishing and Liquid Finishing businesses. Results of the Powder Finishing businesses have been included in the Industrial segment since the date of acquisition.

Under terms of a hold separate order from the Federal Trade Commission, the Company did not have the power to direct the activities of the Liquid Finishing businesses that most significantly impacted the economic performance of those businesses. Consequently, we reflected our investment in the Liquid Finishing businesses as a cost-method investment on our balance sheet, and their results of operations were not consolidated with those of the Company.

In April 2015, the Company sold the Liquid Finishing business assets for a price of $610 million cash. Held separate investment income includes the pre-tax gain on sale of $150 million, net of transaction and other related expenses, including a $7 million contribution to the Company’s charitable foundation. Held separate investment income also includes dividends of $42 million. Net earnings include after-tax gain and dividends totaling $141 million ($2.40 per diluted share). Dividends received from after-tax earnings of Liquid Finishing included in investment income totaled $28 million in 2014 and $28 million in 2013. No further Liquid Finishing dividends will be received.


On January 20, 2015, the Company completed the acquisition of High Pressure Equipment Holdings, LLC (“HiP”) for $161 million cash. HiP designs and manufactures valves, fittings and other flow control equipment engineered to perform in ultra-high pressure


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