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April 4, 2013 at 9:00 AM EDT

Graco Introduces New Line of Heavy Duty Hose Reels for Mining and Construction Industries, Fleet Maintenance, and More

Graco XD 40 and XD 50 Hose Reels Feature a Patent-Pending Swivel Design to Help Increase Flow Rates and Reduce Service Times

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr. 4, 2013-- Graco Inc. (NYSE:GGG) has introduced a new line of hose reels to meet the servicing needs of heavy-duty vehicles such as those used in mining, construction, fleet maintenance, and many other applications. The new XD 40 and XD 50 hose reels incorporate a patent-pending exclusive swivel design that reduces pressure drop and can help to increase fluid flow rates, which are critically important for servicing large equipment.

“A large piece of construction or mining equipment can often hold several hundred gallons of fluids, which takes time to fill,” said Laura Evanson, Graco Product Marketing Manager. “Graco’s highly engineered solution moves more fluid faster, and the unique swivel design has less pressure drop which can improve flow rates.”

Pressure drop for a bare XD 40 or XD 50 at 24 gallons(91 liters) per minute with 10-weight oil is 3.2 psi (.22 bar), compared to 18.7 psi (1.3 bar) for 700 Series hose reels. “Graco’s innovative open flow design means technicians spend less time filling vehicles, which allows the vehicles to operate for more time each day,” said Evanson.

The new reels are manufactured with strong, corrosion resistant materials designed for extended life. They are offered in three colors – blue, yellow and white, to integrate into a maintenance shop, service truck or job site. Standard models come complete with factory-installed hoses to save labor and installation time. Graco also offers bare hose reels for installing customer specified hoses, which increases the number of potential usage applications. The XD 40 and XD 50 hose reels improve efficiencies, provide faster service and are designed to withstand the extreme operating environments often encountered when servicing heavy-duty equipment.

The new XD 40 and XD 50 hose reels are available for immediate sale through Graco’s channel of authorized distributors in North America and will soon be available worldwide.

For more information on the XD 40 and XD 50 hose reels, visit or call 1-800-533-9655.

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